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Are you a newbie witch here? The first time you know Witchcraft? You do not know where to start, and what to do to be able to practice. If you desire to become the real witch, this article is for you. Keep reading and you will explore a lot of amazing things.

What is witchcraft?

That has been word of mouth in the community. Witchcraft is considered as the type of magic used by the peasantry, it is different from the types of magic used by the high-ranking magician kings in a community and offering sacrifices.

Going into Witchcraft we will have 2 main complexes: Modern Witchcraft and Ancient Witchcraft. Modern Witchcraft is a religious term often called Wicca, which means the practitioner has a deity according to Animism, and the "crafts" in Witchcraft are defined as "spells".

As for the Ancient Witchcraft, it is simply a form of magic practice and is listed in the Folklore list. People do not need to worship gods to be able to practice Witchcraft.

The tool in Modern Witchcraft is borrowed by the magical system of the Dawn Metallic Light Society which consists of 4 basic tools representing the 4 sacred elements according to alchemy including Wand, Cup, Pentacle, and Sword. As for Ancient Witchcraft, people can use anything to practice Witchcraft, usually mud, sticks, gravel ...

How to become a real witch?

You are confused about how to become a real witch? Don’t worry! Keep in mind these 3 little tips, step by step, you will become a powerful witch in the wonderful witch world.

Are you ready? We will explore them right now!


First of all, if you come to me and ask me how to begin to learn the Wizard, then the answer will almost always be Always like this: you have to read and research. If you've never read any books on Witchcraft, you can start looking for them now. You can order books on Amazon.com (at a low price, since many people sell second-hand books at a lower price), or you can download the ebook version (Ebook with .pdf extension) for free reading. Charge on phone or tablet. Even in some places, you can go to the local library to borrow, or go to buy at the used book store (this method should be applicable abroad).

Nowadays, you have a lot of choices. in searching for information about Witchcraft. If you are afraid your family knows that you are reading a book about witches, you can use the e-book, save it on your phone or tablet instead of buying real paper books. And if in case you can't afford to buy books, you always have the biggest resource - INTERNET. To put it more simply, you simply go to Google and type: "basics of witchcraft" and you get a variety of results from websites ready to give you the basics. Google "how to do a witchcraft ritual" or "how to cast a circle", etc ... and you will find everything you need right at your fingertips. You don't need to buy anything There is a great site on forbidden books and magic books, myths, etc. that you can refer to, sacredtexts.com.

Once you have read the basics (which you think will probably take a day or two, but to master it, it will take you years of practice. ) then research them. Do it with all your heart.


Just remember that, although you already know all the basics, you will never know everything about Witchcraft. Because the subject is very broad and ancient (it dates back millions of years), and that it will take a lot of time to learn all there is to know about magic. As a witch, we know there will always be a place for perfection and wisdom. Once you've read through all the books on witchcraft 101, don't forget to delve into folklore and mythology. of our ancestors. The story of your ancestors is important to your own development on the academic path.


After you've read everything you feel you need to know, and you think we are ready to practice, consider the following first:

  • Do I know how to cast a Magic Ring?
  • Do I know why I want to perform this ritual or do a mantra?
  • Am I aware of the potential consequences of training if I accidentally happen to have my magic turned upside down or the ritual brings about unexpected things?
  • Did I study Witchcraft because I was really attracted to it or simply wanted to enchant it? 

If you answered those questions definitely and without hesitation, I would suggest Export you with some of the things needed for practice, as well as getting started in the most realistic way. You can find the best spells in the Earth Magic book by Scott Cunningham, as well as in the book.

Judika Iles' Encyclopedia of 5000 spells. Practice simple mantras, which means that mantras do not require complex materials and procedures. You are practicing, not performing for the crowd. Practice from the easy things first, then gradually you will really master the basics of magic. 

Once you try to write a spell or initiate a ritual, then later You can do it your own way (if you are comfortable or you can learn from the experience). You will find that it is like a second instinct. Often you will feel it when performing a simple mantra, which does not require too much preparation or very little. Mostly your own nature and intention. For example, magic can be as simple as using a broom to wipe away the bad energy in your home from the yard. While scanning, visualize bad energy being expelled and thrown out! You can also cast spells on your own cooking, such as using herbs for specific purposes or drawing. The symbols on your dish give an intention.

Above are 3 basic tips for newbie witches. Stay tuned with us to find out and discover interesting information about the mysterious magical world!


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    I’ve always been a VORACIOUS book worm so the READ,READ, READ is a no-brainer. Patience is the hardest part! The Goddess and Consort started off with some no-so-subtle hints, but lately I’m not “feeling” the connection I had in the beginning :(. Mildly worried.

  • Posted on by Anita

    Thank you for directing us to a couple of the best books! I’m in the “Read, Read, Read” phase of learning my craft & am overwhelmed by which book will help me the most. Please keep up the great tutelage!! Thank you again!!!

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    Would love to know more
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    I really love this,I’ve always felt like I was a witch,and slot of people think I am,I would love to learn more

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