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According to many people's opinion, Friday the 13th is said to be an unlucky day. On this day, they limit leaving the house and abstain from traveling or shopping, or doing business. So where did this supposedly dark day come from?

The Origin of  Friday the 13th

The fear associated with Friday the 13th of the year has been given the scientific name "friggatriskaidekaphobia". The name comes from the name of a goddess in Northern mythology Frigga and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of number 13. According to the solar calendar, Friday the 13th always appears at least once a year, even these days appeared 3 times.

According to the Hammurabi Stories of the ancient Babylonians

The origin of the fear around Friday the 13th is unclear. Scientists have not found a handwritten text about the 6th fear of 13 before the 19th century, but superstitious concepts surrounding the number 13 date as early as the 18th century BC.

In the ancient Babylonian Code Hammurabi of 1772 BC, the number 13 is removed from the list of laws. Westerners also think that if 13 people have dinner together, one person will die that year.

According to the concept of Jesus

This concept comes from the event of the Last Supper of the Lord when Jesus dined with his 12 apostles before his death and a mythical Northern myth in which the dinner of Odin and 11 close friends was destroyed. by the thirteenth character Loki, the god of evil and chaos.

According to concepts from ancient times

In addition, many of the concepts from ancient times were only classified into 12 different individuals. For example, the 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 months in a year, 12 hours a day, 12 Greek gods, 12 apostles of Jesus, the hero Hercules founded 12 victories or 12 ancient tribes of Israel. In a particular way, the number 13 is a concept that goes beyond the usual human rules.

According to Northern Europe

Meanwhile, according to Northern mythology, the number 13 is derived from the cunning god Loki secretly cooperated with the dark god Hoder to assassinate the god of happiness Balder at a party in paradise Valhalla.

At that time, only 12 gods were invited to the party, Loki also attended as "not invited but come". Immediately after Balder's death, the whole Earth was engulfed in darkness and mourning. It was an unlucky, unfortunate day.

In fact, the number 13 is considered the number that has been cursed around the world for thousands of years ago and until today. Many cities do not have 13th or 13th Avenue numbered. Many skyscrapers do not have 13th floors, hospitals avoid name precautions with 13, and airports do not have 13 gates.

What about the 6th day? Why was it labeled a day of bad luck?

Researchers found that the day Eve gave Adam the forbidden fruit at the Garden of Eden, causing them to be expelled was on the 6th. Christians always consider Friday as an unlucky day because Jesus was executed on this day.

In fact, the number 13 is considered the number that has been cursed around the world for thousands of years ago and until today. Many cities do not have 13th or 13th Avenue numbered. Many skyscrapers do not have 13th floors, hospitals avoid name precautions with 13, and airports do not have 13 gates.

In many publications in the 17th century, Friday the 13th was seen as a bad day for departure, starting a new project, or an important turning point in life such as marriage, childbirth.

Therefore, the Friday and the 13th day makes up an unlucky day in the opinion of many people. They limit leaving the house as much as possible and abstain from shopping, doing business, or traveling on this day.

Why do people think the 13th Friday is unlucky?

According to historical events stretching back to the present time, the accidents have a special thing in common: serious or particularly serious accidents almost all happened on Friday the 13th. The accident that happened on this day made many people fear the bad luck of this day.

One of the accidents with great consequences is the sinking of the Costa Concordia ship which occurred in January 2012 in Italy. The ship ran aground, capsized, and partially sank off Tuscany, Italy, displacing more than 4,000 people on deck and 32 deaths, according to Britannica. Captain Francesco Schettino was charged with various charges.

According to the concept of seafaring, every new ship built upon launch is blessed by throwing a bottle of champagne into the hull. If the bottle breaks, luck will come and vice versa.

According to researchers around the world, these events happened on Friday the 13th just coincidence. However, they still scare many people and believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.


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    I read that Friday the 13th was the day that the Roman Catholic Pope called for the termination of the Knights Templar. The knights were called to come to a conference and they were slaughtered, in France and other places where they congregated.

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