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Witch, Wicca or Witchcraft, existed before the fantasy novel was born. Among them, Wicca is probably the most common form of witchcraft. Wicca is witches of the modern Pagan religion with a spiritual root of reverence for nature. The common characteristics of a Wicca are reverence and worship for both Goddess and God or 1 of 2; accept reincarnation and magic; performing rituals of astronomical and agricultural phenomena, and specialized in using magic circles for ritual purposes.

Wicca tradition: Different types of wicca


Wicca also divided into many different types. So, which are those? The following article will introduce you to different forms of Wicca in the wizarding world. Check it out now!

The origin of Wicca

This young religion became popular in 1954, thanks to the apostle, the occult, and the wizard Gerald Gardner. According to the legend that he told the world, he devoted to the secrets of ancient pagan teachings by members of witches who were secretly preserved in Europe. This tradition, according to Gardner, is a direct descendant of pre-Christian Europe, based on the reverence of natural forces, personified in the image of the Mother Goddess and God the Father. 

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From the standpoint of history, archeology, and anthropology, these claims are rather vague, so officially considered to be the religion of Wicca was founded no earlier than the 20s of the 20th century. actually reflects some of the characteristics of ancient matriarchal beliefs, but in essence, it is an attempt to perform reconstruction of their part with subsequent synthesis based on the concepts of foreignism modern spear.

Wicca - Things you might not know

The traditional Wicca often promotes religion in nature and has a good balance between religion, magic, rituals, and nature. Wiccans believe that God (male) and Goddess (female) are equal in everything, although some may be more inclined towards the Dianic forms of Wicca, worshiping only the goddess, or lowering God. God. Wiccans often form a community or a group and rarely work alone. They have the ability to use paranormal powers, especially for religious, divination, or drug-making purposes as well as poisons. The concept of the harmful witch is often regarded as a long-standing cultural ideology, sacrifices that bring about human misfortune. Especially in the early part of Europe, where witches were seen as part of the devil, allied with demons destroying Christianity, eventually leading to the battle to hunt witches on a huge scale.

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However, since the mid-20th century, Witch has become the name of a branch of modern paganism. In addition, Witch, Wicca, or Witchcraft also have a little difference, depending on the witch-cult that you selected.

Wicca and Magic

The religion we are talking about is not just spiritual teaching. It involves intense magical work, as it considers witchcraft a sacred act, a kind of service to God and Goddess. Therefore, it is fair to say that this is a religion of witchcraft. Wicca, in fact, the old English dialect word means the word that today means the word "witch".

Of course, it is not necessary to engage in magic in order to have the right to consider yourself Wiccan. Just share the basic doctrinal concepts of this religion and, in our own way, show our respect for God and Goddess in personal prayers and rituals. But on the other hand, very few people follow this path, because the significant part of this religion that has no magic content turns out to be very scarce: there is no general worship services, no sacred places, nor no bible, no missionaries, no sacraments. Of course, there are holidays celebrating all the Wiccans, but again this alone is not enough to have a full spiritual life. In addition, most holiday ceremonies are considered magical acts, and the covenant (community) is by default a witch-practicing community. Therefore, Wicca's religion is almost always associated with the magic practice, and its women sincerely consider themselves witches and wizards.

Different forms of Wicca in the wizarding world

Gardnerian Wicca

Gardnerian Wicca was founded by Gerald Gardner B: Gardner is known as the father of modern Wicca. Gardnerian Wicca was the first sorceress to appear publicly. And it has a witchcraft hierarchy of degrees. While public, many of their information is vowed to bind, and cannot be shared with anyone outside their congregation.

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Alexandria Wicca

This is the Wiccan group formed by Alex Sanders: Started in the 1960s by Alex Sanders. Alex Sanders lives in England. He changed the Gardnerian tradition and called himself the "King" of the witch. Although greatly influenced by Gardnerian Wicca, Alexandria Wicca focuses on the equality between Goddesses and Goddesses and has an emphasis on spells using the Esbats and Sabbats.

Alexandria Wicca

Seax Wicca

The group was founded by Raymond Buckland. This is a witch line known to most ordinary people because the difference of this witch line is that it has many rituals that have been published into books and spread on the internet. This line of witches does not require you to start in a group of groups at all, but you can give your own body to the gods or demons. This wizard allows a group or a person to perform rituals. Priests and nuns are encouraged to change and modify the rites and perform them as they see fit. It has no traditional rules. Seax Wicca mainly worshiped with the German gods and used Runes for divination.

Dianic Wicca

Dianic Wicca was born from the feminist movement and although it contains a variety of aspects of other traditions, it focuses only on goddesses and all feminine things. This tradition is known as a "lesbian" group, but Dianic Wicca is meant for all women regardless of sexual orientation. Today, it also allows groups of men and women, or a single person, to perform traditional rituals to honor the Sabbats, although the rituals may not be as continuous as traditional ones. However, this sorceress still encourages the choice of female leaders and insists that a nun must be present to open a magic circle. This line of witches has almost no male witches.

dianic wicca

Wicca is and has always been, a dynamic religion, changing, and evolving over time as more and more people are drawn to learn, interpret, and integrate their core principles into their own experiences. Although many traditionalists stick as closely as possible to the "original" model of the Craft established by Gardner, the surge of interest in Wicca over the last several decades has led to new types and pathways that continue to lead in new directions.

Yes, the possibilities may even seem daunting for beginners to the Craft. But all you need to do is stay open while exploring your options. We hope that with the information on the Wicca classification above, you will have more knowledge about a branch in the wizarding world. And can help you choose your Wiccan.


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