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Before using spells and practicing magic, you should prepare basic tools. No, there's no need for brooms and pointed hats. Each witch will need different tools to perform certain spells, but the basic items are more or less common. However, again, no items on this list are required.

1. Magic wand

Choose a wand. Chopsticks are the most commonly chosen item because of the connection between them and the sorcerer. Finding and energizing a chopstick may seem simple, but not really. Spend your time walking around the forest and find a suitable short stick that you feel connected to. Premonition will tell when you find the right wand. However, do not think that you are not a "real" witch without using chopsticks or tools like other wizards. You have your own way of practicing magic, and no one can say what works for you.

Wands, crystal balls, and other tools used in spiritual rituals must be thoroughly purified before and after the spells. A good witch always harmonizes with his tools, energizing them, and protecting them from bad spiritual energies. Use magic techniques to power up and purify tools.

Each tradition has different methods to complete this ritual, but generally, many witches use the moon's energy to charge and purify their wands, allowing the stone to absorb the moon's energy. by staying outside in the moonlight overnight. Wiping the wand with white gasoline is also a common ritual to purify and dispel any bad spiritual energies.

2. Battles and mortar

Battles and mortars were important items while performing magic. The mortar pestle is used to blend herbs and other ingredients into an enchanting dose. This device is available at most supermarkets and almost every kitchen has it.

3. Herbs

Witch hazel, mugwort, sage, lavender, and many other herbs are commonly used in witchcraft. Scott Cunningham's magical herb encyclopedia is an essential handbook for novice wizards. You can learn about the power and use of many different herbs and how to use them.

4. Salt

Used in ritual cleansing and keeping the spells safe, white gasoline and salt are a barrier to protect you in the world of spirits. You can protect yourself by energizing your tools with all-natural white gasoline and sprinkling salt around you.

5. Magic candle

In feng shui, the shape and especially the color of the candle is very important. According to feng shui rules, colors can have different effects on a person, so when choosing candles you need to clearly identify what purpose you need them to be, and exactly what you want to attract in your life.

For example, yellow candles symbolize the elements of the earth and are used to improve the relationship between husband and wife and love. And if you want harmony and mutual understanding in your relationship with your partner, by lighting a yellow candle you will quickly get what you want.

  • Green candles symbolize health, harmony, and peace. If you want everything in your home to be rich, then light this special candle.
  • Red candles - a symbol of fire. She will help achieve fame, faster climb the career ladder. But be careful, do not light it too often and keep it in the bedroom, otherwise, you will always be tense and will not be able to relax because red will stimulate you to be active and passionate, this will not let you relax and rest.
  • The white candle is very interesting in that it means that the two things are completely opposite at the same time. On the one hand, a white candle - the symbol of the sky, helps people from many different professions, but especially teachers.
  • Purple candles will be suitable for meditation and self-understanding. They will help you look at the hidden corners of your soul.
  • Pink candles will help in love and romantic relationships. They will attract people to you and help establish contact with the right people.

You are newbie witches and you are concern about the spell and & ritual suppliers alternative? We hope that this article will be a guide for you. Keep following us for more interesting information about the wizard word.


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