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Welcome to our class of stars. We will not take the time to talk about real-life stars - objects from a physical perspective in this classroom. When matter corresponds to reality, we will not discuss reality. The stars in the tarot are completely symbolic and appear only in the night sky of imagination. In fact, only in the imagination of the people who create the mysterious symbols do these stars exist.

Everything you pay attention to in the physical world has a reflection of yourself somewhere in the landscape within us. And that is the way the physical universe becomes a guide.

Notice what they look like and find out what they mean to us personally.

Let’s contemplate!

Take a moment to turn off all artificial lighting in your surroundings, and eliminate as much unnecessary noise as possible. Find a comfortable position, which you can maintain without restlessness for five minutes. Close your eyes. Breathe and relax.

Immerse yourself in the dark and let your thoughts melt into it.


Let your emotions drift into darkness. Forget the importance of physical sensations, and let every desire out of your head. Wrap yourself in the tranquil, quiet darkness, and drift in it. The darkness becomes your night sky, clear as cloudless as the moon. A star appeared. Pay attention to it. You notice there are more stars now in the sky. Pay attention to them.

Ask yourself three questions:

  • What are these stars?
  • How do I feel about them?
  • Do they make sense to me?

Time to return. The stars fade from view, and only the darkness of the darkness inside you is left. Rest in peace for a while. Pay attention to your surroundings. Swing your fingers and feet a little. Take a deep breath, and when you feel ready, open your eyes. Welcome back. It takes a bit of time for the light to return to your surroundings.

In a few minutes write down the answers to the questions you have asked yourself. When writing an meditation, the best method is to write continuously without stopping to edit until you feel you've already finished. Try that now.

General explanation about the star symbol.

As we said earlier, there are physical stars, real stars, real stars. As you've just discovered, there are stars in personal consciousness. Now we will talk about the stars as icons. The nature of the star symbol can be described in three words - out of reach, innumerable, and full of mysteries.

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When we look at stars from a natural distance, stars are of natural symbolic importance; we tend to associate them with light, both divine and ordinary light. They are the light of heaven. In some cultures, every star is an angel, and every human being has one of those angels as a guide and protector.

Because human ambitions seem to be infinite, and stars are completely out of our reach, they become the targets of the farthest ambition of theoretical and practical science. 'Reaching for the stars' describes the greatest human aspirations. Intense aspiration always comes up when a star appears as a symbol. It is the nature of all wishes that cannot seem to be reached.

The importance of a star symbol depends on its shape. In the esoteric universe, which consists of tarot, the star bears a geometric shape, a regular arrangement of points or rays around a center.

Meaning pentagram symbol in the witchcraft world

The pentacle, or pentagram, is the most widely known star shape. You will see it most clearly in Ace of Pentacles and find it in all the cards in the Pentacles.

It appears on the flags of countries around the world. But more importantly for our purposes, it is a common symbol of magic. In the spiritual tradition, it can represent everything from angels to demons, and it plays an important role in the internal symbols of secret societies such as Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and Golden Dawn.

In these societies, as well as in alchemy and Qabalah, the pentagram is the symbol of the microscopic world, the world below in the mysterious saying. It is a symbol of the Renaissance concept "man is the measure of all things", and that may well be the absolute basis of Western mysticism.

As with so many symbols in the wizarding world, the star deserves more research and contemplation than we can talk about here. Such research will create a worthy journey, and over time, it can also be your own inner journey. If you pay special attention to icons in particular and the wizarding world in general, follow WitchCraft 101 now so you don't miss any interesting information!


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