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When you decide to join the Magic Way to achieve the life you desire, you have to devote yourself to it. You must believe that the path you are about to take is the right choice for you. Without dedication and belief, you'll be defeated with magic, but also with whatever you do in life.

Witchcraft for Beginners: Spells, Exercises, and Lessons

The following list of my papers and instructional guides will be useful for beginner witches. I admire the craft, and I want students to learn it correctly so that their path is a blessed one.

How to become a witch?

  • Time: night - after 9 pm and before 3 am
  • How to wear the pendant: it is best to use a pendant with a pentagram (the normal swept-down pendant, not the inverted pentagram as a symbol of satanic), a negative-shaped pendant Positive signs or any symbols you trust
  • With the spell below you will become a witch, but only if you truly believe.



”Dear witches from forests and winds, please listen to my calls. I plea to be a witch, witch beautiful as an angel, agile as a tiger and wild as fire. Please let me become this, a witch!

A witch gifted with the power to grant as many wishes I will to anyone I plea.

Witch gifted with the power to manipulate and conjure (element you want to have) and (another element you want to possess).

Witch gifted with the power of flight, to fly whenever I wish, as long as I can, and as far as I plea.

Please let this me, a being gifted with all kinds of magic I will be! As soon as the sun rises, so will my magic rise. As soon as the next day is born, so will I be reborn. Reborn and awakened as a witch. This is what I wish to be, I wish to become a witch. SO MOTE IT BE!”

Salem EST.1629 Apothecary Potions - Tonics - Elixirs - Witch Clothing

(Salem EST.1629 Apothecary)

Some notes for beginners witches

  • You can speak loudly or recite silently in your head. This is not important. Do what you think is best. Remember to bring the necklaces as stated above. Imagine you are so light and soaring. Think of something related to witchcraft and magic. Imagine that you are bestowing the night sky under the bright full moon. Believe that these things will actually happen.
  • Do not overreact or suppress yourself. It's relaxed, trusting, and confident.
  • Repeat the spell 3 times, slowly, clearly. Read each word clearly so that the holy people can hear your prayers clearly.

Some effects may occur after chanting

You can dream of becoming a witch. In most cases, you'll find yourself flying.

Pain to every fiber. Symptoms may include headache, stomach ache, sore throat, fever

No longer feeling hot and cold. Hot and cold no longer makes me feel uncomfortable. These feelings seem to have disappeared.

Appear an animal as your pet. The witch's magic will become stronger if connected with the natural power of the beast. After chanting, there may be many animals appearing around you, becoming good friends, and helping to protect your children.


  • Must be believing.
  • The spell will begin to work when the sun rises.
  • You will receive different power depending on the qualities you possess.

The powers that can be achieved

  • Flight: You will be able to fly as you want, as long as your mind has enough faith. It will be difficult at first. But just keep practicing and don't be afraid.
  • Ability to control the elements. You will only be able to control 2 elements. A list of elements will be listed below.
  • Blessing: You can grant wishes to anyone. But be careful with this power.
  • A unique ability that only you have. This depends on the quality you own.
  • Extraordinary beauty: You will become more and more beautiful than any mortal person.
  • Becomes more agile than before.

Witch Clothing, sky above earth below peace within

(Element shirt)

Elements you can control

  • Fire
  • Land
  • Wind
  • Country
  • Ice
  • Electricity
  • Dark
  • The light

(Soil element also helps control trees)

Special powers depend on each person's qualities

  • Read the mind
  • Prophetic
  • Heal the disease
  • Telepathy
  • Move objects
  • Psychic
  • See-through memories
  • Control the minds of others
  • Control emotions (dictating love, hatred)
  • Prayer
  • Control the dream
  • Extraordinary beauty
  • Infinite power.

Some common question on the way to becoming a witch

1. How old can you use the charm?

Just be aware of what you do. There are even some basic charms for children (of course, adults are included).

2. I want to perform a spell but I don't have enough materials?

Do not worry if missing. The materials are only a factor to increase the power of the charm, but if you can't find the material, replace it with another similar material or increase the trust in the spell.

3. The spell failed. I was doing something wrong?

There are many causes of unsuccessful spells. Please try again after 28 days.

4. What if I don't have a candle that fits the spell?

Use white candles.

5. Should I tell anyone about the use of talismans?

ABSOLUTELY not best keep it a secret.

6. Protection circle

Not every spell needs protection if you want to be sure. Make a protective circle by spreading salt in a circle while doing so.

7. Rules

Many people think that just performing a spell is done. Very simple. However, all things follow the laws of the universe. Always remember the Rule of Three whether you are a Wicca or not.

8. There are no spells suitable for me. What should I do?

Create your own charm. Refer to the rocks, herbs, candles, the moon, ... that match your spell.


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  • Posted on by scarlett

    Can you only receive one power?

  • Posted on by Scarlett

    Can you only receive one power?

  • Posted on by Rose

    Do you have to be a certain age before you can perform this spell?

  • Posted on by Teresa Underwood

    I worry, even though I have felt drawn to the craft since junior high, that I’m making the wrong choice.

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