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  • Witch Clothing - Modern Witchy Fashion and How to Wear Magick

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    The way you dress Wicca outfits can be a powerful form of magick. Fashion designers around the world have been exploring and diversifying to make the spells, spells come closer to the wizarding world, contributing to shaping gothic fashion style for many enthusiasts.

    witch fashion gothic clothing


    The image of magical wizards appearing mysteriously in the virtual open fog has impressed many people. Black robes, gothic dresses with haunting details and pointed hats are always costumes associated with witches. Along with the development of society and the fashion industry, witch costumes have also gradually diversified. Not only clothes, small details such as accessories, bags, shoes, ... in the witch style are also more attention. And in the beauty world, many of the hottest skin-care ingredients (snail mucus, bee venom) sound like they’ve been formulated in a steaming cauldron instead of a lab.

    witch clothing - sweet spice witch shirt

    So many people are falling in love with the witchy fashion style. The witchy bohemian clothing, gothic witchy clothing, or casual, comfortable attire, you can add magic to what for every witch. Choosing the right color, the right form decides the incredible style for you.


    Clothing Color Magic for witches

    Color is important when it comes to wearing your magic. Lots of witchy women love the color black, and while it’s also their favorite. Each color has its own meaning, so look at the list of Wicca colors can help you manifest effectively.

    • White: the color of purity. It also performs the protection and transformation as well.Salem apothecary white tank top
    • Black: It is known as the basic color for Witch. It repels the negativity, mysteries, divination. Moreover, in some cases, it can perform the balance or the beginnings of the new start.
      Witch clothing black shirt

    • Blue: the color of peace. It performs water magic power, wisdom, and loyalty.
    • Green: The representation of Earth’s magic power, abundance, fairies, love, and fertility. 
      Green witch shirt
    • Purple:  Intuition, Dreams, Psychic Abilities, Metaphysics, Spirituality
    • Yellow:  The meaning of communication and the representation of Solar Magic, Creativity, Life, Prosperity and Humility
    • Orange: The energy of Vitality, Opportunity, Confidence, Harvest, Strength and Legal IssuesOrange Witch shirt
    • Pink: The performance of  Friendship, Self-Love, Harmony, Femininity, Romance, Creation and Sex
      Pink witch shirt summer fashion
    • Gold:  Money, Wealth, Power, Royalty, Inspiration
    • Silver:  Divination, Lunar Magick, Psychic Abilities
    • Brown:  Security, Animal Magick, Fruitfulness, Grounding, Telepathy
      witch fashion

    What you wear you attract. So the day you wake up, you can choose the color you want based on your felling, your energy, and the most important is your favorite. You will be more confident when you perform your real characteristics.

    Modern Witchy Style With Basic Tshirt

    Gucci is the leading of the way that spread witchcraft wings into the bright halls of fashion. The collections are the world of goth’s teen wildest dream. The show took place in a Roman necropolis in southern France, accompanied by smoke and candles and a dramatic 17th-century musical composition sung in Latin. Get the modern witch look right here!

    Salem Broom Company Shirt

    Salem broom company CO EST.1692

    Modern Witch Outfit With Dynamic Accessories

    Modern Witch outfit with dynamic accessories is not a bad choice to become an outstanding Witch. Ever accessories such as tote bag, cross hat, magical rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and more become the witch’s amulets and talismans. Whatever the story is – When you need a boost of energy or when you need to feel connected to Mother Earth and the Universe, wear your magical accessory. You can also enchant jewelry for different intentions. 

    Black Cross Hat: Click Here

    White Cross Hat: Click Here

    witchraft 101 cross hat

    >> Granddaughter of Witch Tote Bag <<

    witch accessories - tote bag

    Witchy Transparent Phone Case

    A small detail like a phone case contributes to building attractive witchy style for girls. Witchy Transparent phone case or Magic Black Cat phonecase make you more special. All of them are popular decorative accessory. A set of clothes will be more complete with a combination of a gothic phone case

    >> Black Cat with Ball Phone case <<

    black cat phone case witch

    >> Witch's Broom Phone Case <<

    witch broom magick phone case

    Fashion Witchy Clothing Collection

    Modern-day, Wicca fashion mustn’t be about black clothes and gypsy skirts. If you’re more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, enchant your favorite pair of jeans by embroidering a sigil on them.


    Salem sanctuary shirt


    Looking for our Witch Clothing Collection below. You will be impressed because of the dynamic and youthful design, suitable for many ages, diverse designs.

    Today’s witches couldn’t care less about outward approval: Their focus lies in their own pleasure and craft as they carefully construct their identities, one aesthetic and/or metaphysical choice at a time. The rest of us? We’ve donned our capes, we’re right behind her.

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