All our clothing/apparel are created On Demand and Cut and Sewed by hand! This means once you order a product, the printing process starts.


We think quality should speak for itself. Therefore we only charge shipping on
one-off orders. Basically, this means that For everything you order 39 USD or above on WitchCraft 101, shipping is on us!


Because there is always a risk that goods in transit may be damaged, lost
or delayed, you can choose to transport with Insurance.
When your goods have any errors due to shipping, we will immediately send
you another product or refund you without asking for
any whatever. Besides opting for transportation insurance, making sure the
goods are packed safely and securely also mitigates any loss.


You can choose Standard Shipping at a cheaper cost but if the goods are lost
when shipped, we will not refund you, if the goods you receive are defective,
broken, … but cause not by you, we will send you a replacement product
or refund you (if you want the refund, you need to send the package back).

Free shipping is regarded as standard Shipping

NOTE: We send orders to ordering shipping address, not the person on it. Please make sure your shipping address is written correctly to avoid any inconvenience.

If you find something unusual happens to your order while shipping, please report via


To provide the best support and make sure you get the right product as fast as possible.

Our shipping times contain 3 phase.

Phase 1: Order confirmation (12 hours after place the order)
Phase 2: Production time (3-7 business days)
Phase 3: Shipping time (2-3 business days)

+ Order Confirmation

To ensure you receive your favorite products lightning speed, we only accept change in the order in 12 hours since the time you place the order. After 12 hours, you have the responsibility for all the quantities and products you placed and paid.

To make a change in your order, please fill in this form:

+ Production Time

Base on specific products, production time will vary. Normally we only allow production time around 3-7 business days (exclude weekend)

To view the accurate production time for your product, please visit this link:

Note: You will receive your tracking number after phase 2.

+ Shipping Time

USPS only accept orders with shipping address verified through SmartyStreet system.

To receive your products ASAP & reduce the risk of product lost in transit, please check your shipping address with their system beforehand.

Click here to verify your address:

How long shipping takes really depends on where you are from. To make it easy
for you we created this simple table to help you estimate

Shipping time varies by location. These are our estimates:



United States

7-15 business days

Rest of the world

 15- 25 business days


*All Paypal pending need 10 days for verify and process.


* We are NOT responsible for any customs fees once the items have shipped. By purchasing our products, you consent that one or more packages may be shipped to you and may get customs fees when they arrive in your country.

*The ETA above is regarded under normal condition of weather, social,…

* When it’s the high peak of demand for logistics or holiday/festival/disaster/strike/demonstration…it will be slower according to the incidents which we can not control. However, we will have your order delivered or refunded if it gets lost.

Card Fraudulent:

In order to reduce care fraudulent, all the orders with fraudulent card issue will get contacted by us 3 times, each time apart 12 hours. After 3 unsuccessful contacts, we will cancel the order.

Order with address issue:

In order to reduce the risk of product lost, all the orders with shipping issue will get contacted by us 3 times, each time apart 12 hours. After 3 unsuccessful contacts, we will cancel the order.

If you sure your shipping address is correct but SmartyStreet couldn’t verify it. You have responsibility if there are any accident with USPS.